Preparing a Portfolio for Your Job Interview

Although a portfolio interview is an interview method highly use in the job interviews for arts, media and communication jobs. It can used in general interviews and sometimes they can be consider as an advantage because most of the people that go to an interview do not present a portfolio, so while other candidates speak you are going to be able to show your job and what you have done.

What is a portfolio interview?

A portfolio interview is a method of interview based in a presentation of a portfolio but depending of the kind of job that is applied, it is generally asked in arts, media and other communication jobs.

A portfolio is a compilation of works that you have done, so it is important which of your projects you add to this portfolio, because depending on them you may be consider or not for a job. The portfolio is important because the impact that the images will cause to a person who will be only hearing word all morning will be great.

The concept of a portfolio is very simple, as said a few rows up, it is a presentation of pictures of your best works.

You can read some examples:

  •     If you are going to apply for a job as a chef, it is expected that you show your best jobs, so pictures, samples, certificates, and other documents and thing that can show that you are the best of your job.
  •     If you are an architect and you are trying to enter to a new project, the best way of showing your background is by pictures of the best designs you have done, like: houses, squares and every project you have work in.
  •      And for every profession or job you can create a portfolio in the same way, showing the best of your jobs.

Creating a portfolio

When you start the creation of your portfolio you should place in your mind that you are working in yourself, because it is going to be your presentation, remember to pay attention to the design and the quality of the portfolio because a pretty good presentation will guarantee attention. Hire a professional essay writers which will make sure that you as a person will stand out to future employers.

As every portfolio is unique it is recommended that you take yours with you once ended your interview, because as you spend time and effort, give it away will be a loose for your even if the interviewer ask you to leave it.

When making your portfolio it is important to make it very simple, if you decorate it too much it would be consider as extravagant and it would not be good for the view, do not put to many pages on it, between 15 to 25 will be good, use more pictures than text, remember it is a portfolio no a book.

As every portfolio is unique, it is important that you try to do it by your own and following your personal beliefs.

It is important that you take some time to do your portfolio, since every one of them takes a lot of time, remember it is your presentation so you should work hard on it.

Kinds of portfolios

As this kind of presentation is used during different stages of the life it should change according the stage, some of them are:

Student Portfolio

This kind of portfolio is worked during the time of studying, it demonstrate how you understand a class or your whole career, it can be pretty useful if you are interested in keep studying.

Project Portfolio

A project portfolio shows the steps and procedures that had been followed during the execution of it.

Professional Portfolio

It is the one described before, where the applier show it skills, jobs and background.

Online Portfolio

As the technology has evolved, so the way a portfolio is done. There are some programs that make easy the elaboration of one and also the way of sharing it is important because now you can have your portfolio online and easily transport it.

Personal Portfolio

You can do it by your own and for you. It will contain things that interest you for your personal use.

What to include in a portfolio

  •       At least 12 examples of works that you have done, depending of the characteristics of your jobs you may or may not include drawings and illustrations.
  •       It is important that you place a little description.
  •      A portfolio not only include photos, illustrations and text, it can also include slides, and many more.