Inspiring Information About Business Planning (Part I)

Business planning is an official declaration of a particular set of business goals and reasons why they are believed to be achievable. In addition, business plan outlines all possible means of achieving planned goals in order to succeed. It also contains background materials about the organization, team, and culture attempting to reach those goals.

Every business plan should be answering those questions:

  1. What to achieve?
  2. When to achieve it by?
  3. Why to achieve it (what is the purpose)?
  4. Where to operate or where to develop a market?
  5. How to achieve all the above?

All those questions should help you to identify the main means of the business plan and why you should be working on achieving your targets. It is critical to develop all the answers at the early stage so that it is easier for you to follow the plan instead of creating it on the go.

Here are several main sections that should be included and developed in the business plan:

  1.    Goals
  2.    Competition
  3.    Employees
  4.    Products and Services
  5.     Marketplace
  6.    Business Culture


Goals should outline all possible and achievable targets that you set for yourself, for your team and for the organization overall. Do not make dreams out of goals! Goals should be reasonable and achievable. If you are a small business and have just started don’t set your goal to profiting $1 million in the first year, unless you have a brilliant idea and honestly feel that your business/start-up will achieve the target.

  •      Classify business goals early in the development.
  •      Set deadlines and time frame to complete them.
  •      If you have employees, allocate duties for completing goals.
  •      Develop business ideas and make sure it is possible to make them into a profitable business model.



Always stay on top of what your competition does. Bring the best ideas into your house from everyone and make your own! Competition is a good thing as it makes you willing to move and achieve better and higher results. In addition it is very beneficial as it can get you many new ideas and thoughts for your business. Researching what the competition does is beneficial as you can predict what to expect in the near future.


Employees are very important! It is what runs the blood in your business. Selecting right employees will have a huge impact on your business.