What To Say In Personal Statement

When applying, there’s going to be a cover sheet with all of your personal information there’s going to be a sheet with grades if we’re going to know what your science GPA is you’re non-science and your total or can I know it for each of the years that you’ve been in college so there’s nothing that can be hidden we see exactly what you’ve taken when you took it and how you did this is all going to be apparent on your transcript as well you’re going to have this essay a list of all the activities that you’ve done and great letters of recommendation so I just want to clarify that the admissions committee actually puts a great deal of time and effort into reviewing all these applications in a very thorough fair manner. Find out how to do your best for the admissions committee at Edusson.

Oftentimes the admissions committees are quite large 20:22 people which is actually good because somebody may put a lot of is on grade somebody else Mayport more effort on the admissions test some on letters etc so you have a big averaging effect of all of this but it’s with a great deal of time and effort that is put into this everyone takes it incredibly seriously so let’s talk about this personal statement or essay and let’s just review first what does the American Medical College have to say about this let’s just look at the information that you approach this with so it says draft an essay in text form that doesn’t help it’s necessary as it’s not necessary to repeat information elsewhere I’ll talk about this a little later don’t take that literally if it’s important of course you’re going to put it in the essay you’re gonna write about it descriptively differently and the activities why have you selected the field of medicine what motivates you to learn more about medicine what do you want medical school to know about you that isn’t disclosed in other parts of the application if we look at what the American Dental Education Association says they say tell why you wish to pursue a dental education this is motivation as well we are seeking individuals who are motivated academically prepared articulate socially conscious and knowledgeable about the profession absolutely true.

But you do not get to say I’m motivated I’m academically prepared I’m articulate you’re going to have to give them today so that they draw that conclusion and what can you tell the admissions committee that will make you stand out this whole issue of being unique we’ll talk about that later as well actually the ADEA gives a few more that are more incisive that helps be honest about your interest in dentistry be honest about everything that’s a given have you observed or worked in a dental office the way to convince anybody that you really understand what a profession is going to be about is having been on site and observed and not just say I observe doctor someone so you know he was great but what did you learn what did you take to the situation and what did you take away do you have special talents or leadership scruples skills transferable to the practice of Dentistry express your commitment to helping others.

Presenting Ideas in Research Paper

Your paper is not a mechanism for getting promotion it’s a mechanism for conveying ideas from your head to somebody else’s head if you don’t convey them like if you don’t bother to tell anybody about your ideas then you might as well not have them all right I even if Einstein had sat in a windowless box and not told anybody about relativity then we wouldn’t know about relativity right that means you need to know what your idea is right so when you write a paper in the end at least by the time you’ve finished you must know what is the idea that your paper conveys it’s surprising how hard that can be to determine from people’s papers as a reviewer if you read somebody’s paper. Learn more about presenting your ideas on Edusson.

When you finished you can say what idea did that paper convey if you find that hard to articulate as a reader then you know you in your view can say I really couldn’t figure out what this what the idea this paper was about and so then you apply that to your own papers right it’s actually sometimes quite hard to know exactly what your idea is to begin with but you must know by the time you finished if you find it yourself thinking well actually three ideas in this paper then what you do just write three papers like well then try to wedge them all in in which case each one becomes cryptic and incomprehensible because you try to squidge it into ten pages just like three papers that’s cool right that’s not salami slicing that is taking ideas in expressing them a good good idea in your paper is to say explicitly when you get to the main idea it’s surprising how seldom this happens so I often try to write phrases in my paper that say at the beginning of section three somewhere.

The main idea of this paper is this because I’ve had to explain some contexts and setup and background and I wanted to be absolutely clear when I move from describing the context to saying here’s the payload like the virus is about to arrive in your brain prepare does that make sense all right if you don’t say that if you leave your reader to be a detective so that subsequently they have to reverse engineer what they think you meant was the key idea that’s not good right why not say it explicitly be completely upfront about this third thing tell a story so if you know write a paper and this applies I’m focusing mainly on papers but I do also mean dissertations and so forth everything applies to everything you like really is to tell some kind of a story I always try to imagine when I’m writing a paper that I’m standing in front of a whiteboard and explaining it to a colleague it’s amazing how differently people will present things at a whiteboard than they will in a paper like with a whiteboard.